FaroLatino to Invest in Revelator, Use Platform to Provide Transparent Reporting Usage and Royalties for its Services on Video and Audio Digital Platforms

August 18, 2015 – FaroLatino, the No. 1 online content distribution company in Latin America, has signed a strategic agreement with Revelator, a cloud-based platform that provides an end-to-end sales and marketing intelligence service for independent music businesses. Under the agreement, FaroLatino invested in Revelator and participate directly in the development of new functionalities and business models.

As an MCN for YouTube, FaroLatino will also use Revelator to manage all of their content partner’s productions, which in July, generated more than 764 million monthly views, and as an aggregator to distribute content to major music sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Napster, SoundCloud, and more. This will allow FaroLatino to improve reporting for song usage and royalties and make content available faster and on more platforms for its 800+ content partners.

“FaroLatino considers Revelator the best platform for the development and management of the music business. We understand that our work with Revelator will allow us to add a great value, solutions and transparency to our content partners„ Javier Fainzaig, founder, president and CEO of FaroLatino
“We’re thrilled to partner with FaroLatino and look forward to working with them to provide a truly transparent end-to-end distribution and monitoring solution for its members. The FaroLatino team has done an amazing job for the Latin American music community, and we’re honored to work with them as they expand globally„ Bruno Guez, founder and CEO of Revelator

About FaroLatino

Founded in 1995, FaroLatino is the first Latin American online content distribution company. With a board of directors dedicated to the protection of digital distribution rights, FaroLatino worked with SADAIC in 1997 to generate the first legal framework for music downloads and streaming in the region. This paved the way for the first sale of a digital download in the Hispanic market in the year 1998: “Balada para un loco” by Amelita Baltar, produced by the label EPSA.

With 20 years of experience in an area of constant and fast changes (from selling cassettes to charging for streaming), FaroLatino positions itself as a strategic ally to musicians, labels, artist managers, music editorials, and collection agencies, as well as audio-visual content creators of various types, including gamers, vloggers, athletes, and more.

With offices in Buenos Aires, Medellin, Bogota, Montevideo, and Santiago de Chile, FaroLatino provides constant support to more than 800 content partners, helping them with the protection of their rights online, distributing their content to the most popular platforms, generating income, and collaborating to create new strategies to improve their businesses.

About Revelator

Revelator is a leading cloud-based provider of sales and marketing intelligence for independent music businesses. Established in 2013 to bring affordable enterprise-level tools to distributors, labels, artists, and managers worldwide, Revelator solves today’s music business challenges by integrating sales, marketing, reporting, and analytics into an all-in-one multi-platform solution to provide unprecedented transparency, simplicity, and efficiency to the industry, saving customers both time and money.

To learn more, please visit www.revelator.com and follow Revelator on Twitter at @GetRevelator.

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About Revelator

Revelator was founded in 2012 by music industry veteran Bruno Guez. Backed by a team of seasoned music industry and software development professionals, Revelator is a leading provider of copyright and data services for today’s digital music business.

Revelator’s cloud-native digital asset platform addresses the challenges of aggregating, processing, reporting and analyzing large volumes of data, and solves the problems of transparency in royalty distributions to copyright owners and creators across IP verticals. Revelator’s industry-leading end-to-end solutions, help enterprises generate more value from their data while enabling them to share access to data with rights owners in unprecedented transparent, and efficient ways in easy-to-use web and mobile applications.

Revelator’s suite of APIs power copyright businesses of all sizes from distributors to record labels, music publishers & collective rights organizations. To learn more, please visit www.revelator.com and follow Revelator on Twitter at @GetRevelator.