Revelator Introduces ‘Mobile Analytics’ App to Give Independent Artists, Labels and Managers On-the-Go Access to Daily Trends and Monthly Sales Data

March 10, 2016 – Jerusalem, Israel – Revelator, a leading cloud-based provider of end-to-end sales and marketing intelligence service for the music industry, launched its new Mobile Analytics app, the first mobile app designed for the independent music industry to provide monthly and daily trending sales data across all major platforms and services.

“The future of digital business is all about managing assets, channels and data. Our magic is providing attribution, reporting, and business intelligence from one platform, and now it’s in the palm of your hand” said Bruno Guez, Founder and CEO of Revelator. “It is important for record companies, publishers, managers, artists and songwriters to have access to their sales and marketing data wherever they are so they can see the immediate impact of any of their marketing efforts on the consumption of their music, and our Mobile Analytics app will be a breakthrough toward ensuring full transparency.”

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Users can also dig deeper into the data to view revenue and units by channel, country, service, label, artist, release, and track as well as quickly swipe through different time periods. They can also compare data across three different sales channels, allowing them to see how download revenue matches up to subscription streaming or ad-supported revenue for different periods and much more. Additionally, users will have the ability to switch accounts and invite other users to share their accounts.

Revelator’s Mobile Analytics is available now to all distributors, record labels, managers, and artists as a branded or white label solution. If interested, contact for more information. Revelator will be at the SXSW Music Conference. Ollie Buckwell, Revelator’s Global Head of Business Development, will be in Austin March 15-18, and Bruno Guez will be participating via weblink in the panel “Data Analytics for the Indie Artist” on March 18 at 2pm CT.

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About Revelator

Founded in 2012 by music industry veteran Bruno Guez, Revelator is a rights administration and data analytics platform for digital assets working to enable real-time attribution and micro-payments for rights owners, while simultaneously opening up new industries to critical and relevant data. Revelator is leading innovation at the intersection of intellectual property rights management, content monetization and blockchain technology. The company is currently leveraging its music industry expertise, working with leading rights agencies, artists, managers, music labels, publishers and distributors.

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