Revelator Raises $2.5 Million To Bring Transparency And Accuracy To Digital Asset Management

Revelator channels blockchain technology to enable true royalty distribution, identify full earnings and empower music industry professionals with insightful data, helping leading media labels and rights owners maximize and distribute earnings.

Tel Aviv, Israel (August 29, 2016) Revelator, the leader in rights administration for digital assets, announced today the closing of a $2.5 million in series A funding led by multi-strategy investment firm Exigent Capital. Additional participants in the round include Digital Currency Group and Israel early-stage fund Reinvent. This round is in addition to $3M in funding the company has already received to date.

This funding will enable the Revelator team to continue to grow the platform, add key hires, and introduce new features that will serve new customer groups from market verticals like broadcasting, multi-channel networks and music publishing.

At the core of Revelator’s platform is the belief that music creators today have to manage, monitor, and track their assets across an increasing number of platforms, making it difficult to track rights, manage content, and collect royalty payments. Using blockchain technology, Revelator enables creators to manage content like a digital asset, ensuring that their work is identified, distributed, and tracked. Revelator's vision is to enable real-time transactions and micro-payments.

Revelator’s data analytics platform effectively sources the use of digital assets to enable real-time transactions and micro-payments, ensuring the correct identification and distribution of payments to artists and rights holders. The company’s unique SaaS platform utilizes blockchain technology to allow rights owners the ability to license, distribute, track and manage content across multiple platforms, thus increasing the reliability, accuracy and timeliness of compensation for digital assets. Additionally, Revelator’s data intelligence platform empowers artists and rights holders to receive full and in-depth reports of how, where and when their music is being consumed.

“We are talking about a massive $45-billion-dollar per year global music economy, where people are consuming more and more music, and amazingly almost half of royalty payments aren’t finding their way back to the beneficial owner. The majority of players in the media and collective rights industry still rely on outdated means of tracking distribution and payments, and have completely failed to adapt or modernize their infrastructure to properly handle the explosion of data, channels and new business models. An integrated and cloud-based platform such as Revelator is able to provide attribution, reporting and business intelligence from one dashboard, enabling distributors, record companies, publishers, managers, artists and songwriters access to their sales and marketing data wherever they are. We’re giving the music and media industry the system it needs to drive revenues, fairness and, ultimately, the art we love."

 Bruno Guez, CEO and Founder of Revelator.

For Exigent Capital, this is another targeted investment into leveraging big-data analytics. Earlier this year the firm announced an investment into medical technology company MedyMatch.

“Exigent is always looking to invest in disruptive technologies that are backed by remarkable entrepreneurs and visionaries - Revelator fits that profile,We plan to work closely with the fantastic team at Revelator, utilizing our expertise in payment systems and structured credit to find new and exciting ways to increase revenue and support Revelator in its mission to bring radical transparency to an opaque, unfair and outdated system. ” 

Eliezer Brender, Chief Investment Officer at Exigent.

About Revelator

Founded in 2013 by music industry veteran Bruno Guez (Founder of Quango Music Group and former Creative Director, Music for Cirque Du Soleil), Revelator is a rights administration and data analytics platform for digital assets working to enable real-time attribution and micro-payments for rights owners, while simultaneously opening up new industries to critical and relevant data. Revelator is leading innovation at the intersection of intellectual property rights management, content monetization and blockchain technology. The company is currently leveraging its music industry expertise, working with leading rights agencies, artists, music labels and distributors.

About Exigent Capital

Exigent is a boutique multi-strategy investments firm and is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC .

About Digital Currency Group

Digital Currency Group is building a new model for innovation at the epicenter of the bitcoin and blockchain industry. Based in New York City, DCG has been an active early stage investor with over 80 investments around the world.

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About Revelator

Revelator was founded in 2012 by music industry veteran Bruno Guez. Backed by a team of seasoned music industry and software development professionals, Revelator is a leading provider of copyright and data services for today’s digital music business.

Revelator’s cloud-native digital asset platform addresses the challenges of aggregating, processing, reporting and analyzing large volumes of data, and solves the problems of transparency in royalty distributions to copyright owners and creators across IP verticals. Revelator’s industry-leading end-to-end solutions, help enterprises generate more value from their data while enabling them to share access to data with rights owners in unprecedented transparent, and efficient ways in easy-to-use web and mobile applications.

Revelator’s suite of APIs power copyright businesses of all sizes from distributors to record labels, music publishers & collective rights organizations. To learn more, please visit and follow Revelator on Twitter at @GetRevelator.