Revelator Launches Music Business SaaS Platform in the U.S. to Bring Transparency to the Music Industry; Completes $500K Seed Round

Cloud-based music software company is first to bring affordable enterprise level tools to all artists, labels and managers to grow their business through an integrated sales and marketing platform

March 11, 2015 – Jerusalem, Israel – Revelator, a cloud-based software provider, announced today the availability of its music business platform in the U.S. as well as the completion of a $500,000 seed funding round.

Revelator solves today’s music business challenges by integrating sales, marketing, accounting and analytics into one unified system to provide unprecedented transparency, simplicity and efficiency for both independent artists and record labels to run their business.

“Integrating sales and marketing is really key in today’s data driven landscape. Unifying all the data and making it actionable requires more sophisticated and affordable solutions than are currently available – it used to be something that only the majors could afford. We’re democratizing it and making it comprehensible, actionable and affordable to everyone.„ Bruno Guez, founder and CEO of Revelator
“Revelator removes the cost and effort of providing transparent accounting, by consolidating all revenues into a unified dashboard and automating reporting to rights holders. There’s no better way to tackle the problem of transparency than by making it simple and efficient to be more transparent.„ Ollie Buckwell, Revelator’s Global Head of Business Development

Today’s music business software consists of disparate tools offering narrow functionalities. As a result, record labels are forced to struggle in order to unify and automate workflows so they can scale and reduce cost, while artists lack a turnkey solution to grow their career with limited resources. An integrated platform such as Revelator’s - as opposed to point solutions - allows for simplified workflows, automation, efficiencies at scale across distribution, promotion, business intelligence and data visualization.

Revelator offers its users a monthly low-cost Business-as-a-Service subscription to attract a large and underserved customer base. The company also plans to generate revenue from bundling add-on services and features sold à la carte, as well as transactional and marketplace commerce.

Revelator has launched its Beta in Israel, serving over 800 Israeli artists. Through a strategic partnership with ACUM, the local Performing Rights Organization (PRO) in Israel, Revelator will soon offer music distribution to an additional 5,000 Israeli artists to enable them to sell their digital content in the top stores & services globally, representing an immediate cost savings of 20-30% of sales revenue. In addition to its U.S. launch, Revelator is pursuing its global expansion through a recently signed partnership agreement with Yoel Kenan’s Africori, the leading digital music company in Africa, representing over 300 record labels and thousands of artists.

Revelator invites artists, record labels, managers, and other music industry professionals to meet the team at SXSW, where Rossanna Wright, Revelator’s VP of Business Development, will moderate a panel entitled “Growth Hacking Through Music Tech.” The panel will be held on Thursday, March 19 at 2pm and will focus on strategies and tactics for labels and artists to collect and interpret data to grow their business.

About Revelator

Revelator was founded in 2012 by music industry veteran Bruno Guez. Backed by a team of seasoned music industry and software development professionals, Revelator is a leading provider of copyright and data services for today’s digital music business.

Revelator’s cloud-native digital asset platform addresses the challenges of aggregating, processing, reporting and analyzing large volumes of data, and solves the problems of transparency in royalty distributions to copyright owners and creators across IP verticals. Revelator’s industry-leading end-to-end solutions, help enterprises generate more value from their data while enabling them to share access to data with rights owners in unprecedented transparent, and efficient ways in easy-to-use web and mobile applications.

Revelator’s suite of APIs power copyright businesses of all sizes from distributors to record labels, music publishers & collective rights organizations. To learn more, please visit and follow Revelator on Twitter at @GetRevelator.